You are currently viewing A Guide to Wedding Party DJs & Sound Limiters: What They Are, How They Work, Will The Party Still Rock?

A Guide to Wedding Party DJs & Sound Limiters: What They Are, How They Work, Will The Party Still Rock?

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An insight into sound limiters and how wedding DJs can work with them to ensure your reception is memorable

Today we are pinpointing six key essentuals about working with a sound limiter at your wedding. Since returning to partying after the Covid-19 Restrictions across England, we have seen the rise of wedding venues using sound limiters on the dancefloor. The idea of this may send a shiver down your spine as you imagine the sound cutting out in the middle of your wedding. But truly, there is no reason to panic. Here I’ll explain what they are, how they work and how a good DJ can work easily with them to provide the atmosphere you need. This page covers: What a sound limiters is, why they’re in place, working with your venue, and getting the best sound quality.

What is a Sound Limiter?

It’s a device installed in a venue which will cut off the electricity supply to the DJ should the sound levels exceed a set limit. That means the music will cut out for a few seconds, until the DJ readjusts their levels to a lower volume. Yes it’s a bit harsh.

Some venues have their own speaker system installed for the DJ to plug into, which will automatically regulate the noise levels so no matter what, the sound limit can’t be exceeded.

Other venues have hand-held meters which monitor sound levels and they will simply tell the DJ if it is too loud.

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Why are Sound Limiters in place?

Sadly in our small country of England, you’re never far from a complaining neighbour. Noise pollution is a serious topic which can result in fines for the venue if sound levels imposed are not complied with. Most sound limiters are installed on instruction of the local council and must be adhered to.

Venue’s in built up areas have the strictest rules on sound. However, outdoor marquees can also allow the bass to travel fairly far. You will normally find sound limiters in places such as these but check with your venue to be sure.

Will the venue let us know if a Sound Limiter is installed?

Your venue should inform you of any noise restrictions but it can easily be overlooked in the thrill of finding your dream venue and talking about the more exciting aspects of the day. So always ask. Another top tip is to check the noise cut off time. If you book a DJ until 1am but the venue has an 11.30pm noise cut off, the law must be adhered too even if you’ve paid the DJ.

Can DJs work with Sound Limiters?

Yes, your DJ should have no problem working with a sound limiter. It has become part of the job and a common experience. Personally, I have played with countless limiters and have always made it work.

However, if you book a band, it could be a problem so its always best to raise this with the venue and the band before the day.

Some DJs may not wish to play in a venue with a sound limiter in place. The sudden turning off, then back on, of the electrical supply can damage equipment so you do need to bear this in mind if a DJ says no.

As mentioned, I will happily work with sound limiters and can adjust my equipment to ensure the power suppy isn’t cut off during the nights partying.

We want loud music!

Your music will still be at a good level for dancing throughout the evening. But do bear in mind that there is nothing that a DJ can do to raise the volume if a sound limiter is in place.

Will it make the wedding party lame?

No. The venue’s limits are sensible and will be loud enough for guests to enjoy and dance to. I have always found them to be loud enough and been able to fill the dancefloor throughout the night.

If you have any questions, whether you have booked Paula or not, please feel free to email for a quick response.

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