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How To Organise Your Wedding Music – 5 Key Steps

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I’m guessing you have never planned a five hour evening of music before?

Especially for such an important event with everyone you know present!

It can be a daunting task. But relax, thats what DJ’s are for!

Here are some key tips that DJs use to make sure the music for your Wedding Reception runs smoothly!

  1. Organising Wedding Music for Key Moments

Ideas: Entrance Music, First dance, Father Daughter Dance, A Special Song for Cake Cutting, Bride and Groom Entrance, End of the Night Singalongs.

Make your key moments go off with a bang by choosing special songs when organising your wedding music. I recently had a bride and groom who met at a Pulp concert so they made their grand entrance to ‘Pulp – Disco 2000’ as their guests cheered! A great cake cutting song is ‘Calvin Harris – Feel So Close’. It just has that romantic and uplifting vibe! End of the night classics include ‘Fatboy Slim – Praise You’, ‘Robbie Williams – Angels’, ‘Oasis – Wonderwall’ and of course ‘American Pie and ‘Hey Jude’.

A good DJ will create the right atmosphere, keep people on the dance floor and can build to a crescendo for key moments.

DJ Paula Frost

2. Organise Your 5 Key Genres

You don’t actually have to create a 5 hour playlist when organising your wedding music. Its best if you just give your DJ 10 must play songs and then list genres to stick to, eg RnB, Dance & Indie. I’d suggest giving your wedding DJ 5 genres you’d love to hear and a couple you want to avoid. This gives them plenty of scope to be creative whilst ensuring you love what you hear. For example, cheesy tracks like ‘Saturday Night’ or ‘Cha Cha Slide’ are extremely divisive with some couples loathing them whilst others welcome them as they get people up on the floor. It’s your choice!

3. Wedding Playlist

Its not the best idea in the world to give your DJ an 11 hour playlist for a 4-5 hour set. This makes it very hard for the DJ to know what’s important in organising your wedding music. I’d suggest making a playlist no more than 20 MUST PLAY songs, this way you hear the tracks that are important to you, your friends, your family and your relationship with your partner, but you also give the DJ enough information to bounce off.

4. Organise Vibes By The Hour

We’ve all been there, the atmosphere is calm and classy, then a rogue DJ comes on and immediately blasts out Avicii, but its too heavy and its not the right time! A great way to kick off the evening reception is with cocktail hour and some easy background music leading up to the first dance. Organise your wedding music by styles. Motown, Soul, Disco and Funk are all great early evening party starters. For something more modern, you could start with laid back House or Ibiza Chill. Then as the evening progresses you can gradually build up the vibe and move through the decades: 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and Current Chart. Or you could move through styles like: Wedding Classics, Britpop, Charts, Club Classics, ending with Singalongs. This is not essentual but can be a great way to build atmosphere throughout the night of your wedding.

5. Relax and Let The Wedding DJ Suprise You

Once your DJ has your shortlist of tracks, they’ll be able to bounce off your suggestions with lots of floor filling ideas suited to your vibe.

Remember your DJ is armed with floor fillers and classics tracks you may never have thought of. They are the expert and you should be able to trust them!

Bonus Ideas For Organising Your Wedding Music:

To further enhance your dancefloor you can add lighting packages and a smoke machine to really enhance the laser and flashing light effects. This is a great way to change the atmosphere of a room and encourage your guests to move to the dancefloor.

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