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How To Organise Your Wedding Music

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I’m guessing you have never planned a five hour evening of music before for such an important event where everyone you know will be present! It can be a daunting task. But here are some key tips that DJs use to make sure the music for your Wedding Reception run smoothly!

  1. Music for Key Moments

First dance, Father Daughter Dance, A Special Song for Cake Cutting, Bride and Groom Entrance, End of the Night Singalong

2. Pick Your 5 Key Genres

Whether its house, hiphop, 80s, or rock, let your wedding DJ 5 genres you love to hear and a couple you want to avoid. This gives them plenty of scope to be creative whilst ensuring you love what you hear

3. Playlist

Its not the best idea in the world to give your DJ an 11 hour playlist for a 4-5 hour set. This makes it very hard for the DJ to know what’s important. I’d suggest making a playlist no more than 20 MUST PLAY songs, this way you hear the tracks that are important to you, your friends, your family and your relationship with your partner, but you also give the DJ enough information to bounce off.

4. Have a list of favourite tracks

This shortlist will help the DJ tailor your wedding music to your personal tastes, often coming up with floor fillers and stunning tracks the wedding couple would never have thought of.

Remember they are the expert and you should be able to trust them.

A good DJ will create the right atmosphere, keep people on the dance floor and can build to a crescendo for key moments.