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Female DJs: The Truth And The Myths!

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There are many connotations linked to the female DJ. Like in many professions, they can be stigmatised as ‘just for looks’ rather than having knowledge or brains.

But the truth is there are plenty of extremely talented, experienced and knowledgeable DJs out there who you can trust with your event.

A DJ does more than just play music from a playlist, they will adjust the beat, tempo and ambiance of the music, to maintain or build the atmosphere and will keep people on the dancefloor and ensure that your wedding reception will be remembered for a long time.

Overall in the DJ industry, females only make up 8% of total DJs which is why they are often sought after by clients.

Females also tend to be hardwired as givers meaning they are more responsive to what the crowd wants as opposed to what they want to hear (but that is just a humble opinion).